1 Moto Show Portland / Indian Scout / MotoGeo Adventures

1 Moto Show Portland / Indian Scout / MotoGeo Adventures
انتظر تحميل الفيديو...

المزيد من مقاطع الفيديو


تحميل الفيديو بأكثر من جوده واكثر من امتداد

  شارك   ابلاغ!   وصف الفيديو

For this motorcycle adventure, MotoGeo heads up north to chilly Portland, Oregon for the 10th annual 1 Moto Show, and cruises around town on an Indian Scout, while Jamie calls in at some of the coolest places in the city.

Moto + Adventure = MotoGeo


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Special thanks to See See Moto Coffee Portland: http://www.motogeo.com/2qlu

Gear used in this video:
► Jacket: Alpinestars Oscar Enduro Jacket http://www.motogeo.com/j79w

► Pants: Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Riding Jeans http://www.motogeo.com/iz40

► Boots: Alpinestars Oscar Firm Drystar Boots http://www.motogeo.com/wmrk

► Gloves: Alpinestars Andes outdry Gloves http://www.motogeo.com/hm51

► Helmet: Arai DT-X Union Jack Flag http://www.motogeo.com/yprz

► Communication: Cardo Packtalk Bold http://www.motogeo.com/djkm

► Thermal Gear Top: Alpinestars Ride Tech Winter Top http://www.motogeo.com/napo

► Thermal Gear Pants: Alpinestars Ride Tech Winter Pants http://www.motogeo.com/gw8i

► Beanie: MotoGeo Heather Beanie with Leather Logo Patch http://www.motogeo.com/52f2

► Neck Tube: MotoGeo Neck Tube http://www.motogeo.com/lhdj

► Hoodie: MotoGeo Hoodie http://www.motogeo.com/dt69

Thanks to:

Roland Sands Design: http://www.motogeo.com/hoih


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